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New York. Innovation. Global Markets. Today’s international trade environment is an interdependent web of technology, socio-economic cultural priorities, urgent policy development needs, sustainability and environmental science innovation.  New York, one of the leading global megacities, serves as a compass to these developments as both inventor as well as seeker of innovation. NYINNOVATES facilitates cross-sector international trade and business development between global markets and greater New York. Subscribe to receive updates on symposiums, international trade missions, business matchmaking, white papers, and a broad range of in-depth capacity-building opportunities.

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VOSS Foundation Supports Clean Drinking Water Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gallery Opening Party and Fundraiser in New York City by invitation only

Roughly one sixth of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. (1.1 billion people)  Nearly two million children die each year from preventable diseases due to unclean water and inadequate sanitation. (5000 deaths per day) Forty billion working hours are spent carrying water each year in Africa. Rural African households spend more than 25% of their time fetching water. This burden generally falls upon women and girls. With adequate access to water, a community’s economic output can increase by more than $200 per family per year. In countries where people ear less than $1 per day, this increase is life-altering. Voss Foundation reports have revealed that some children suffer physical developmental deformities from the weight of the water they carry daily. When removed from the water delivery cycle, women have the opportunity to fully participate in local economies and girls have the chance to attend school and contribute immeasurably to their communities’ economic and social fabric.

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